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5 Things We Love

1. Try these treats Don't let the "whole grain" in Ba-Le's Whole Grain Corn Puffs keep you from munching on this light, crunchy, sweet, nutty treat. There's also a furikake version, and we all know furikake makes everything taste better. Am I right? It's $2.99 at Foodland with Maika'i card. Also try Ba-Le's Cranberry Crisps. -- Christie Wilson View Full Article 

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Thanh Lam’s New Plan

The man who launched Ba-Le in Hawaii has a new bakery—and a new café coming to a location near you. Ba-Le’s Thanh Quoc Lam at the stone-shelf oven in his new La Tour Bakeshop. Lam started out baking the baguettes for Ba-Le’s bánh mi in the back of his Chinatown store. The office is 1,000 square feet, exactly the same size as the [...]

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Parting Shot: La Tour Bakehouse

Jie Na Liu of La Tour Bakehouse places a cookie on top of cream to create macaroons (known as macarons in French and at La Tour). They will age for a day before being sold; the aging process creates a crispy exterior but chewy interior. La Tour makes approximately 1,000 macaroons a day. Photographer: David Croxford View Article Online 

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Solar Heats Up Oahu Electric Grid

Ba-Le installed 1,400 solar panels on the roof of its processing facility in Iwilei, where the company bakes bread and pastries for its restaurants and other commercial customers. Below, CEO Thanh Lam, left, and operations manager Trung Lam, his son. Ba-Le's Iwilei warehouse is powered by two photovoltaic systems: The 100-kilowatt system powers the company's La Tour Cafe restaurant, and a 280-kilowatt one is responsible [...]

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Ba-Le moves on to its second course

Thanh Lam sees the recession as the right opportunity to expand his Ba-Le Sandwiches & Bakery business. Lam recently launched a bakery brand that he hopes to expand into a concept for a new restaurant. He’s also beefing up Ba-Le’s wholesale customer base to include more hotels, restaurants and stores. And earlier this month, he bought the cavernous old Weyerhaeuser box plant on Nimitz Highway [...]

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